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  1. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    My question is in regards to my 2016 Chevy Cruze Limited 2LT with Pioneer Premium Audio package. To begin, I plan on eventually replacing the front speakers, tweeters, rear, and rear deck speakers. Debating whether or not to change rear 6x9s as I plan on adding a 12" JL Audio Subwoofer in the...
  2. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    First I'd like to say there may be a thread on this but I can't seem to find it on the app. My stock tires are done, will not be usable for another year. So I'm curious on what to buy. Of course mpg matter and I don't drive like a racecar so 100mph turns don't matter to me. One thread I found...
  3. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Has anyone replaced the stock GY fuel max tires with other brands or other Goodyears? I have 34K on my CTD and not sure if the original tires will see 40K so I'm not too impressed with tire life with the fuel max. They are also getting much loader from road noise as they wear out (to be...
  4. Lighting
    Hey all, I did a search and couldn't find anything specifically related to the issues I'm having, so figured I'd post up here. Feel free to move it :-) I bought (2) sets of Lumen LED bulbs (like this, one set for front and one set for back to replace my front and rear turn signal bulbs) from...
  5. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    Did a search, but didn't find any info regarding replacing the rear deck speakers. Whomever owned the car before me blew them up and I am wondering if anyone knows what I can use as replacements? I think I remember someone saying they used specific clips that won't necessarily work with just...
  6. Lighting
    I tried looking through the threads, I'm sure its come up somewhere but couldn't find it. I am wanting to replace the stock halogen bulbs. Far too lazy/broke to retrofit or go HID. So, any suggestions for a good quality, little bit of blue, brighter (looking) than stock halogen bulb?
1-6 of 7 Results