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    So I hear people complain time and time again Here are the stats My subaru now front leg room. 43.3 rear 34.3 Cruze front leg room. 42.3 rear. 35.4 Forte front leg room. 42.2. Rear. 35.9 So if I managed with my subaru all this time why should it not with the cruze.
  2. General Discussion
    I know I asked about the room before, but, I found out that I will be having another kid due in Jan. of next year, I have not put my 14 month olds seat in the back seat, I guess I should do that to know for sure! lol... who on here has more than one kid in a car seat that puts them in the back...
  3. General Discussion
    I have been trying and trying to run a wire off my battery through the wire harness in the firewall. There is Noooo room in the engine compartment. Has anyone successfully occomplished this impossible task? Any and all ideas would be great! 2012 1lt cruze Thank you
  4. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    The engineers at Chevy really made the engine on the cruze really tunable. i say that because you have room for pretty much anything you want to do to it. Really clean and crisp job they did on it keeping everything in a neat fashion 5 thhumbs up for the engineers at chevy for this project!!!!