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  1. General Discussion
    i bought a car that was salvaged at 3k miles and have since repaired the car to be like new again.if i have an issue with the vehicle will GM still warranty the vehicle? can they tell if the car is salvaged at one point short of doing say a car fax type report?
  2. General Discussion
    just go home from temporary duty and im ready to get my cruze back on the road. 2013 cruze 1.4 lt automatic 6 speed. i need the front lower transmission mount and the passenger side engine mount the web sites that ive found have the year/name or more commonly the picture mixed up or wrong so...
  3. General Discussion
    your probably going to be seeing alot of post considering i just bought a salvaged 2013 cruze with 3k miles on it for 6k. ive already purchased the hood, bumper cover, fender, grills, lights but im pretty sure im missing some items. i need a new driver wheel airbag and driver knee air bag...
1-3 of 3 Results