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  1. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Hi Diesel guys, Since I know you like having your own sections, I kept everything intact. You may notice that your two forums have been moved under a renamed 2010-2016 (D1) Chevrlet Cruze section. To keep things as familiar as possible, your two forums have been kept at the bottom, so they're...
  2. General Discussion
    Kid wanted to know how to shot flames,i sugggested a srt4 type exhaust this guy has other ideas hahaha Originally Posted by SneakerFix its not exhaust work that does it. It's fuel or ignition cut. sRT4s Rotory engines all run rich off idle and mid that's why the do it so easy with out much...
  3. Racing Events
    Spring is upon us, and to some of us, that means racing season! Use this section to discuss autocross meets, track days, and any other organized racing events. There's only ONE rule for this section. NO ILLEGAL RACING! This is a no-tolerance rule. Violate this rule and you will receive an...
1-3 of 39 Results