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  1. Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    Has anyone found/tried a smaller remote fob for our cruze to replace the bulky heavy one it comes with? ...maybe from another gm vehicle that will work?
  2. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    General question: Would going from Factory Cruze 16" steels which have an overall diameter of 664mm to Factory Sonic 15" alloys which have an overall diameter of 634mm cause me any real problems? I'd have the smaller tires on for 30k miles or so.
  3. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    The 1.4T powers both the Eco and other versions of the Cruze. How can the Eco get away with the substantially smaller grille opening than on other versions of the Cruze? Is the Eco more likely to overheat in high ambient temperatures while under high load?
  4. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Chevy is talking about reducing the power of the European Cruze Diesel by either going with a SOHC 2.0 liter or a 1.4 liter engine. Would you still consider purchasing an early model with a different engine than the one that is already in the European version?
1-4 of 5 Results