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  1. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I know this may sound stupid but I still haven't figured out how to removed cached songs on my USB stick. I would add a few songs didn't want them anymore hook the USB back to my computer & remove & reinsert the USB stick back in the car USB slot & the songs I just removed are still cached in...
  2. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Does the factory radio play iTunes song files? I know it will play mp3's.
  3. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I'm sure this has been asked, but I cannot find the answer. My USB stick is organized by artist name -> album -> songs within album. When I select the album I want, the songs are listed and played in alphabetical order instead of sequentially. Some albums I have are concept albums that have no...
  4. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Anyone know why my Mylink system would put doubles of each song on it? I've checked the USB stick in my laptop, and there is only one of each song on it so why is the Mylink system displaying double songs, and playing them twice? Hasn't ever done this before until now. I'm beginning to think GM...
  5. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Songs are in itunes and on the ipod itself, but when ipod is connected only 39 out of my 49 albums appear on car display. Some of these albums are self made, my own personal music that I and friends have created so they are not on itunes. But I manually put in all the info etc. At first I...
1-5 of 5 Results