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  1. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    So I ordered one of these last week and attempted to install it today: 1.4L Ecotec Throttle Body Spacer by DDMWorks It fits fine, but it moves the throttle body too far down where it's hitting a coolant line/bracket that I believe goes to the heater core. My question is, am I dumb or is there...
  2. Cruze Parts
    Used it for 2 months, took off because of a tight with with my FMIC piping. Fits Gen 1 1.4L. Gasket is good, comes with 4 bolts. $37 shipped or $30 picked up in 92408
  3. Cruze Parts
    Ddm works TBS for sale. $45 shipped to the States.
  4. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Post is for folks thinking about removing the spacer and the impact I am seeing on my vehicle. After removing the plastic spacer insert from the ZZP Cruze High Flow Intake, I have noted very lean fuel trims, LTFT as high as +25 and changed my WOT fuel significantly, danger zone 0.84-0.88...
  5. Cruze Parts
    Have the Autometer Boost Gauge (Ultra-Lite Series) 4301 with DDM TB Spacer with the optional Plug and Fitting. As well as the Vacuum hose to hook it up. should be long enough if you use the bottom hole of a ZZP Pillar pod, or a stand alone pod close to the same location. $75 Shipped. TB Spacer...
  6. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Hey guys how deep can I go on the spacer? I just want to get the LTZ wheels a little closer to the fender lip. I am currently on Eibach Sport Lines with an OEM size tire and they are tucked in bringing them out would give it a much more stanced look. I just don't want to loose to much of my...
  7. Gen1 Engine/Transmission Tutorials
    So, I decided that I wanted to get a boost gauge in my 2012 Eco 6M, but instead of hacking into the vacuum lines, I decided to go with a more professional looking install and ordered up one of the DDMWorks Throttle Body Spacers. This spacer has two tapped holes in it, so I can use one for a...
  8. Gen I
    A last sale, my 4 direct fit focal speaker for your cruze. direct fit no hole to make. LIKE NEW MINT 200$ Shipping included. 2-way 6-3/4" speakers (pair)humidity-resistant, woven glass-fiber woofer butyl rubber surround aluminum inverted dome tweeter non-resonant ABS/fiberglass basket 4-ohm...
1-9 of 9 Results