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  1. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    So I have been reading the different threads on adding an amp and sub etc, but as I’m not a techie, I’m still a bit confused. The way I see it I have 2 options. These are both based on what I have available to me and keeping costs to a minimum while keeping the stock head unit. I currently have...
  2. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Is any one interested in the Pioneer audio system 3 dash speakers, 4 door speakers, and rear deck 6X9 and amp? I am planning on replacing my audio system on my Cruze...I have done this in ever car I have ever owned except my Mazda RX-8 that has a much to complex BOSE setup...and actually sounds...
  3. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I understand factory speakers are 6.5" -- but for those of you running 6.75" speakers, was a custom bracket necessary?
  4. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Hey guys - I've been trying to educate myself on this system before I make it my own, but haven't found a ton of information searching. I know there are users who have installed aftermarket headunits with all the necessary Metra accessories (I've ordered these), but I just wanted to verify...
  5. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Just a quick question. Do the cruze eco's come with pioneer speakers from the factory? if not which models do?
  6. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    *sorry if this is a repost, I couldn't find anything in the search* So I bought some sony xplode 6.5s to replace my rear door speakers, They come with a nice looking grill that I wanted to use BUT The factory grills don't come off! :angry: So it looks like if i want to use the sony...
  7. General Discussion
    Hello, I got a 2011 Cruze Last Month, not satisfied with its Sound I thought to upgrade the speakers but then I saw the trunk oval pre-cut 6x9 holes. so went ahead with JBL Speakers. But not satisfied still. Its quite better, but installer disabled the rear seat door speakers, he said that if...
  8. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I just got my new cruze with the pioneer system and the audio is amazing. So clear and so deep. My question is, what are the actual speakers in the car? Does anyone know? Like how many subs and tweeters and what sizes? Thanks.
  9. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Quick dumb question before I start prying on stuff (semi sarcastic lol) Do the speaker covers pop off or do you have to take the door panel offf? Thanks muchly.
  10. General Discussion
    I find a little bit of joy in running these polls. Apparently some of you enjoy reading or adding into them! There's already plenty of discussion threads about speakers, radios, and whether or not the Pioneer systems are worth the money. Let's put it all together shall we? Vote! Discuss!
  11. General Discussion
    I am trying to tap into the rear speakers for my amp. The wiring harness in the drivers side has some sort of handle that looks like might release the different connectors. Does this handle just pull down to release? It's not coming down easily and I don't want to force it and break something...
  12. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    i have a cruze ls. i dont know much about the stereo system. i want to upgrade the speakers to a more quality speaker. what size speakers does the car have and what brand speakers wlould be good to upgrade to. thanks
  13. General Discussion
    Any know how to replace the stock speakers in a cruze with the regular 6 speaker system. Most important is how to replace the tweeters in the front driver and passenger side front columns (well i guess the only just tweeters :D ) I am looking to replace all the speakers. I have component...
  14. General Discussion
    ok im wondering what size speakers are in the Cruze. i did not get the upgraded sound system. i wish i would have now. but there are two speaker cutouts in the rear window area. they look like 6 x 9 but i am not sure. does anyone know. i looked on crutchfield but they dont know yet either...