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    Like at Pick-A-Part or LKQ-Crazy Ray's. Haven't been in a while and need some parts.
  2. General Discussion
    I saw one for the first time yesterday. Sorry, I was driving and it was raining, and it wasn't a good idea for me to try to take a pic. I was surprise it just had normal halogen bulbs for headlights. For some reason I thought the new ones had an LED/projectors? Anyways, figured I'd make a...
  3. General Discussion
    Took my laptop to have the keyboard looked at recently and the place I took it to had a Cruze as their business car. I thought was pretty cool, especially since it's a Summit White LTZ RS which is my personal favorite. Unfortunately I didn't have the positive experience I was hoping to with...
  4. General Discussion
    Spotted a silver cruze, red bowties and exhaust tip on Rinehart Rd. in Sanford, FL. Looked like a guy and his wife driving. Anyone on here know him/her?
  5. Gen1 Powertrain
    Only posted this in powertrain section cuz everyone looks at this first.... Spotted--- Red 1LT Cruze with black rims and either a AutoBots or Decepticons logo on the side. Car was going down Cross Island Parkway and I believe took the exit for the L.I.E. you were hauling ass and it was the...
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    Spotted Red 1LT Cruze with black rims and either a AutoBots or Decepticons logo on the side. Car was going down Cross Island Parkway and I believe took the exit for the L.I.E. you were hauling ass and it was the first modded cruze ive seen in a looooong time lemme know if this is you
  7. General Discussion
    Spotted today. A Cruze LT with mods to the head and tail lights and dipped bow ties, trunk trim and lower grill. Are you out there? Adam
  8. General Discussion
    On 99N and 80 E today!. Took exit 212A. Debadged, navy metallic, black bow ties, with the license plate knauer. Any takers?!? Sent from Free App
  9. South
    Anyone here? First Cruze I have seen with dual "cannon" exhaust
  10. General Discussion
    Spotted a silver cruze with SS badges near Montgomery and aurora IL. Wondering y the badges? Lol
  11. Midwest
    I spotted a BGM Cruze leaving the Target in Strongsville Ohio today (July 25th). Caught it on dashcam, who are you? Video quality sucks, Windows movie maker ruins the quality! Dashcam Clip - Spotted a Cruze - YouTube
  12. General Discussion
    Saw this fine cruze at Kohls today left a note for CT. Said they'll stop by... We'll see :D Sent from iFail Mobile
  13. General Discussion
    Route 571 in Jackson, NJ. Saw a car parked with blacked out bow ties and from the front and quick glance it looked like tinted tail lights. Any claimers? Sent from Free App
  14. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Last night I was in Madison, WI for Brat fest (awesome by the way). Anyway, I came to a stop light waiting to merge onto the Belt-line (12 and 18) and in front of me was a black ECO, I thought that it was kinda cool because I rarely see them. As we both were pulling away from the light, another...
  15. South
    Hey everyone! I was driving around with my dogs today and noticed this nice Cruze two cars behind me. It was silver, with a plastidipped emblem and side marker lights as well as custom wheels. Couldn't get a good picture but managed to snap one in my side view mirror before I turned off. Any...
  16. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Driving down route 35 in Middletown today I saw a summit white cruze, tints, tech nostalgia tails, and what looked like motegi rims
  17. Midwest
    Spotted a Black RS with black wheels, tint, chrome grille overlays, aftermarket headlights, and red bowtie behind me. I was in the Ford F**kedus Sent from my iFail 5s
  18. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Saw a black cruze with the rs kit, exhaust and, tinted tails.
  19. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    I see a black eco every day on my way home from work parked in the parking lot by pep boys. Just seeing if he's a member.if so hit me up I'm located in Middletown.
  20. Midwest
    Whoever has a summit white cruze, with tinted windows, black wheels, black bow ties, and a black hood. You have been spotted. I was in the grey Mustang GT. Very nice looking cruze btw. :)