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    It has now been one week since I have received my 2012 Eco from a Chevy dealer in Michigan. One of the best things about buying the car from a dealer is that as a certified pre owned I got a warranty and 3 months on the XM radio and 3 month on the OnStar with the My Chevy app on my phone. I...
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    Yesterday my wife and I decided to take in a drive in her Caliber, actually I got her oil change done and we decided to go 50 miles to a friends home. A year ago I put in OnStar FMV mirror in her car as she does drive the Caliber alone and I am frequently away on business. I really liked the...
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    Cruze cruises to best-ever February sales Published: Mon, March 3, 2014 @ 10:20 a.m. DETROIT — The Chevrolet Cruze posted its best February on record, as sales increased by 21.7 percent last month as compared to last February. General Motors sold 21,836 units of the Lordstown-built compact in...
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    Anyone use these bulbs in the cruzen? Saw some at advanced and was tempted to give them a shot. But at $60 a pair I wanted to get some feed back first.
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    We called On Star to see what info they could provide about our accident... They said they couldn't give us the speed we were traveling, which was a steady 55mph when we were rear ended. Odometer reading: 395 GPS Location Time: 9:36am, police arrived 4 minutes later We had 2 On Star...
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    Got a couple of questions about On Star First I am retired and don't drive that much but do occasion will take in a long trip once or twice a year where On Star would be nice. How much does it cost/month? Can it be activated on and off for trips ??
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    Will the On Star app allow you to remotely open/lock and start your Cruze? Im assuming one must have On Star for this?
  8. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Today I finally pulled the trigger :) saved big $$$$ on a left over '12. I probably won't post what I paid. Used my Gm card earnings that topped off @ $3000, plus private offer of $1000, plus 1000 cash back, plus '12 close out -$$$$ deal = hot deal :) If your looking for a deal this is the...
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    I already have 800 miles on the car. One of the dealers I inquired on a car with has contacted me. Said if i still want the 1LT with the RS and All Star Edition he would see how we can make it happen. I am 110% happy with my LS but the 1LT was very nice when I test drove it. I just went with the...
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    Excellent condition. Only have2 thousand miles on them. Cost over 1450.00 new. Selling for 1000.00 firm. Im in west virginia 100 miles from pittsburgh. You can text me for pics until i figure out how to post on here. 304-672-2205. Will fit sonic and cruise. These are beautiful aftermarket...
  11. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I have been reading the posts on how to disable OnStar and hope this is an appropriate area to ask this question. Let me preface my question with my concern for privacy of data of any sort, but particularly the data my new Cruze may (or may not depending on whom one believes) be transmitted...
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    I have searched the web and this site. I want to disable my ON Star and the GPS system. I do not want "big brother" replies. I just cancelled my ON Star today that was going to be $30 per month. Way too much money!!!! I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco So far forums tell it is under the trunk...
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    If there are any Cruze 2012 owners out there using On Star I have a question. I have had a diagnostic run twice by call center but if I log into my web or On Star app it states it was not able run a complete diagnostic. I know in the Vibe that was a problem but I fugured a 2012 total Chevy...
  14. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Does anyone know if On Stars navigation downloads will continue where you left off if you stop and turn the car off (food or gas on a long road trip)? Or will you have to call back again to get them re downloaded?
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    Chevy released a commercial that gives you a taste of what the OnStar phone app can do, i thought this was wicked!
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    2011 Chevrolet Cruze Achieves 5-Star Overall Safety Score -- DETROIT, Dec. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Chevy should definitely jump on this as it's a great marketing opportunity.