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  1. Gen2 Service Issues
    So I’ve had my 2017 Cruze LT manual with 8500km (in Canada) in 5 times now and they can’t figure out what’s wrong. Every time I start it up service stabilitrak comes up, check engine light flashes indicating misfire then stays solid. They’ve changed the alternator, a spark plug and the o2...
  2. Gen1 Powertrain
    Hey guys. I've done extensive research up to this point but not sure what to do at this point... so looking for advice. I have a 2011 eco automatic with 86000 miles. I bought the car brand new. About 3 weeks ago, the car overheated on my way home from work. Turned out to be a bad thermostat and...
  3. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    Everything on the infotainment system works except for the "No XM Signal" message.
1-3 of 4 Results