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    To all of the Brave Souls that showed up and took the 2 seconds to VoTe , thanks .. And to all of the 15000 Plus Members whom Never VoTe and only ask about last weeks Discussions of 2 years ago , I Say Dang Dawg Kiss a Frog and Cindarella will PoP Out and Take all of your MoD Money .. OHAi - O...
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    Long story short, I'm ok, Cruze is totaled. I went from 35MPH to 0 in literally about 1-2 feet. I hit a cement wall-like sign to a neighborhood entrance. I know someone's going to ask, so NO, I was NOT under the influence of anything. Anyhow, the reason I'm posting is that I didn't even...
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    Thought I would share
1-3 of 6 Results