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  1. COTM/MOTM Hall of Fame
    Penelope Cruze Location: SE Michigan, now residing near Lansing/Saginaw. 2012 Cruzen LTZ Stock Options: LTZ features plus sunroof and RS package. Modifications: Silver painted grille, Eco 17" winter wheels, trailer hitch, Husky Liners, Eco underbody panels, Homelink, sunglasses holder...
  2. COTM/MOTM Hall of Fame
    Introducing MOTM July '15 Sunline Fan VIP Member Moderator HyperCruzer The Epic Beard Man joins us from the great D[etroit] area. He comes from a giant Ford family, but was introduced through a friend and brought to the Cruze by its good looks and winning personality. Jon enjoys a good...
1-2 of 48 Results