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  1. South
    Trying to start up a group in my area and surrounding. If people all over SC want in i can say lets get the people togeather as a group and deside how to just run a big group for the state. This is just an idea and welcome the help starting from the first joiners as i will consider them founders...
  2. West
    So yesterday, someone thought it would be a good idea to steal my wife’s car. Now normally, I’m just happy no one got hurt and the car is insured but as it turns out, several of the items inside the car were pretty much the only items she has that have a sentimental value to her, including the...
  3. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    I'm looking to set up a mass meet weekend, preferably somewhere centrally located for all of us, also preferably with a drag strip/road course.:wink: Right now, I'm looking into a few of the larger tracks, like Richmond and Virginia Motorsports Park. Depending on how many responses I get on this...
1-3 of 3 Results