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  1. Other
    I have got set of Team Dynamics Imola (Hyper Silver) 18x8 for sale. I got them recently refurbished. They go around £500 brand new. I'm looking to get around £450, that's with Falkens FK452 225/40 with plenty of thread left. Due to car sold, these must go. I'm open to sensible offers too...
  2. General Discussion
    Anyone got a call from gm customer engagement team. I was not home at the time and tried to call back with no reply yet. Anyone know what they wanted. All I know it is about my 2014 cruze.
  3. Global Community
    Strongest Team in Poland, and best forum in Poland (since 2013) O nas Forum Chevrolet Team Poland • Strona główna forum
  4. General Discussion
    Im not much of a NASCAR person...Im more of a dirt track racing fanatic but this I love seeing....Chevrolet finish one after another. Here ar the race results for the top 5 finishes. 1st. Kasey Khane...2.Jeff Gordon..3rd.Kurt Busch..4th.Ryan Newman..and 5th.Dale Earnhardt JR. Dale JR and Kasey...
  5. General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone that owns a Cruze and has some kind of aftermarket system in their Cruze would like to start a Cruze audio team with me. We can get decals for our Cruze that say TEAM CRUZE, and they can be placed anywhere on your car wherever you would like. If Cruze...
1-5 of 34 Results