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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    Here's a good TSB site that gives you the PDFs for the items. No keyword search, but you can drill down to the general area of concern. Search Technical Service Bulletins
  2. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    2014 Cruze diesel Fleece Performance full emissions deletion kit with EFILive tuner. Installed down pipe, did not remove egr and install block plate due to time and finances. Questions: Can I still install the "CRZRACE" tune and be safe to drive, replacing the egr at my leisure? Is there...
    Whenever we order some aftermarket car accessories or performance products we often think about two things. 1. How to get the right part for your model? 2. Hot to install it? With CARiD Tech desk you do not have to worry about these sometimes complicated questions. Our experienced specialists...
  4. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    This section of CruzeTalk is growing, and active. It's active enough where it appears that you all would benefit from a dedicated subforum for the diesel powertrain. I made a poll that will be open for 5 days to track the responses. Voting is appreciated! Thoughts?
  5. Gen1 Powertrain
    I found a really nice on-line tech database for Cruze info. This is a European site, and therefore has information pertaining to the cars sold in those markets. Please note, there appears to be no specific information regarding the 1.8L (LUW) engine, but there's lots of information regarding...
  6. Gen1 Powertrain
    Looking at just doing the PIAA h13 and PIAA foglamp h8 in the Xtreme White 4100k. But in both cases the power rating says h13 is 55/65=75/85 and the h8 is 35=75. so are they just saying the bubs will use 35 watts but put out 75 and same with the h13's 55 in and you get 75 out. i have used these...
  7. Gen1 Powertrain
    I did some scanning with Torque this morning on my way to work (in my Eco MT) after discovering I can add a GM set of PIDs to show KR. In any case, here are some observations I've made: 1. Your throttle position is not what you command it to be. The PCM takes your throttle input and interprets...
  8. Gen1 Service Issues
    Go back to COMG- The Cruze Owner's Maintenance Guide ...this is an abbreviated "lite"-version of the previous TSB thread; it will be updated monthy. ...and, here is the "new" process to follow: 1) first, look through the Condition/Cause column for the problem symptoms. 2) second, note the PI...
1-8 of 10 Results