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    Had a customer service person put a gouge in the dash of my month old Cruze!! Their insurance is paying for it. Its 7.6 hour job to replace it, I hope it doesn't squeak or rattle!!
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys! The two Top Tuner cars were officially introduced at the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show last week. Here are the press releases and photos from the show. From ETC Enterprises ETC turned the Chevrolet Cruze sedan into a sporty and aggressive tuner. The car runs 250 WHP and 150...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello all! This is a continuation from a thread posted a while ago HERE. Top Tuner Chevrolet Cruze ETC Enterprises Inc. - Elite Tuners of Canada will debut Top Tuner 5.5 at the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show in February, in Toronto, Canada. Rumors say the Cruze will be turbo powered...
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    Chevrolet Cruze wins top safety pick award as small cars get safer |
  5. Gen1 Powertrain
    I have two questions. I just bought the base model LS because of price and mpg. Im not sure when real mpg will kick in because ive only put 500 miles on it and on highway I averaged 28mpg. My question though is I live near DC and while on I95 I was stick in moving traffic close to 90, I had...
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    If you're into the automotive scene and/or frequent car shows, you will probably know what Canada's Top Tuner Team is about or at least seen there cars. If not, this will have you hooked on the amazing creations this team comes out with. Dubbed Top Tuner 5 and 5.5, the vehicles a 2010 Chevrolet...
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    It doesn't really come as a surprise to me that the affordable and fun to drive Cruze made it to the list. What surprised me is that it wasn't ranked higher. Heres the link to the rest of the list. Top 10 Back-to-School Cars 2010 - Kelley Blue Book