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    I called the dealer in Md. that I purchased it from 1st and was offered 15k. I called 2 local dealers and the best they did was 14.5k. Seriously? My sticker was $29655 back in July. I was considering a great price on a new Camaro from the dealer I purchased from in July. The 1 thing I heard...
  2. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion images are attached above TRIFECTA presents: Trade-in Program for Fleece Performance Cruze Diesel EFILive Tuner To existing Fleece Performance Engineering customers (as of September...
  3. General Discussion
    went to trade in my 27500 mile 2012 cruze ltz with nav/pioneer rs leather/moonroof yada yada yada fully loaded.... just to find out its only worth half of what i paid for it. gotta say this car was a let down there... thanks Chevy......!
1-3 of 3 Results