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  1. Gen1 Powertrain
    I am pretty sure it is a Garrett GT14, but that is all. Here is a catalog page for different sub models, but nothing about a Cruze or Sonic.:
  2. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    My daughters 2011 LT started off giving her issues like wanting to accelerate and being sluggish. The day is it messed up she said it would t crank so she jumped it off. And then shortly after it started to run hot, so she pulled over and it was making that terrible noise it makes when the turbo...
  3. Bad News Racing
    The GTX250 turbocharger is designed to deliver 250HP. Supporting over 27 pounds per minute of airflow, this turbocharger is the ultimate stock replacement. Building on the already race-proven foundation of the GTX14, the GTX250 features a redesigned, extended tip, billet CNC machined...
  4. Gen1 Service Issues
    I've been told by my mechanic that GM has a "hidden" warranty that covers a turbocharger failure up to 100,000 miles regardless of the year of the vehicle. I have a 2011 Cruze with 90K miles that I bought used and my mechanic said there is oil in the inlet that is a sign of imminent failure...
  5. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    True or False? New turbocharger requires new intake manifold Based on what I've read on this forum, the turbocharger and intake manifold both go bad eventually and will need to be replaced. Am I reading too much into related threads? I've had the P0299 code and my mechanic days the...
  6. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I think the turbocharger in my 2013 Eco MT is dying. I had another thread on here where I've been detailing the saga...but I've installed the V1 PCV kit with the BNR throttle body spacer. Fixed the turbo leak. Cleaned up the intercooler output pipe and reinstalled it (it had blown loose). I...
  7. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hello fellow Cruze owners Under what conditions does the 1.4L engine initiate and use turbocharger boost? In a properly functioning engine, when is boost mode activated? Thanks in advance. Best Good
  8. General Discussion
    Visually they are definitely different. Looks like they went to a manifold to flange design. Wondering what other specifications changed? Would the gen 2 manifold bolt up to a gen 1? I wonder if it would be an upgrade? Looks like they go relatively cheap used on ebay
  9. Gen1 Powertrain
    Hi everyone I'm sure this was asked 100 times. I tried to do a search in the custom search but nothing came up. Dealership said the turbocharger is bad before I go spend 1000 bucks is there a way to confirm that. Anything I can check or do to determine its bad?? These are not cheap. And just...
  10. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hello, does anyone know what company makes the turbochargers for a 2018 1.4T Cruze? Thx.
  11. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hello again, is there a differnce in the center section on the turbocharger for a 1.4 T Cruze with 140 HP as compaired to a 153 HP turbocharger on the newer Cruzes? Or would this center cartridge...
  12. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hey guys, was wondering what year did the 1.4T engine have the turbine section of the turbocharger made into the exhaust manifold? I am thinking 2018, but was wondering if they started in 2017? Thank you.
  13. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hello all. I'm looking for advice, have a few questions, etc.. First, a little history... I have a 2011 ECO with manual transmission. It has been parked for several months due to financial problems and i Have started working on it to get it running agan. It has three main problems: 1. - The...
  14. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hey guys, does anyone here know the dimensions of a compressor wheel on a 2018 Cruze 1.4T? Was wondering if this will fit or if it's bigger? Basically I would like to install a larger compressor wheel in the stock turbo. Like I did for my...
  15. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hi all, I have a quick question ?. I have searched the forums but I could not find any info on this !! Is it possible to replace the turbochargers coolant return pipe with out taking the whole turbo out i.e. Headers... Or can it be done with just removing the cartridge!!,... Any help would...
  16. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hello, anyone know how to have a turbocharger pressure? is there a graph at what speed is turbine pressure? Excuse my English, I use the translator
  17. Gen1 Service Issues
    Hi all, new guy here. I just took my 2013 1.4 into the dealership to get my negative battery terminal replaced and to get a leaking thermostat housing repaired under warranty, and they came back and told me that I also had a moderate/severe leak in my turbocharger's coolant return pipe. They...
  18. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I'm planning on replacing my turbocharger in the next week. I took it to dealership and they diagnosed it to need a new one after my check engine light came on and P0299 was revealed. Does anyone have a list of tools needed for this repair. I've gotten the online manual but couldn't find a list...
  19. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I've dug through here but most of the posts are old, so I didn't want to rekindle them. After all this time, is there a good aftermarket bolt-in turbocharger replacement for the Cruze 1.4L? Mine apparently has cracked as I'm getting the dreaded P0299 engine code and smell oil burning...
  20. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hi guys I was wondering if I could add a turbocharger to a 2013 cruze 1.4 non-turbo
1-20 of 35 Results