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  1. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Is the Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap replaceable? When I look up, the part comes back as either the whole tank or the filler neck.
  2. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    The turbo oil feed tube has banjo bolt and washers on one side. These washers are used on the coolant lines running into the back of the turbo as well. I am having a hard time tracking down these numbers. They are bonded rubber-metal washers, 10.1mm inside diameter (rubber), 18.1mm outside...
  3. Gen1 Service Issues
    Hi. I have a 2012 cruze eco. I have stripped my original oil plug. I have bought, from autozone, a oil plug, M14-1.5. I also bought a package of washers, as below. The top two plastic washer work well. The bottom, aluminum(?) does not work well. I used standard spanner, as hard as I can...
  4. Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    Unusually cold temps in Nashville lead to my washer fluid being frozen. It was the cheap blue stuff that was factory filled or maybe added at the dealership? Does anyone know? I added some RainX rated to 0 degrees F. But it only took about a quart before it was full. Would it freeze and...
  5. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hello everyone, I am glad I stumbled onto this forum. I have learned some very valuable information. I recently traded my 2012 Cruze on a 2017 Hatchback. I so far love this car, I don't have anything to complain about. I do have 1 silly question about the rear window washer. It seems to dump...
  6. General Discussion
    does anyone know how to easily remove windshield washer water tank? mine leaking... which parts needs to remove for that?
  7. Gen2 Service Issues
    recall #46000 GM has received reports that certain 2016 Chevrolet Cruze vehicles may have a loose connection at the battery negative terminal to ground stud. This condition may cause the engine to stall while driving, may prevent the vehicle from being started, or may illuminate the service...
  8. General Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2013 cruse station wagon LT and the rear windscreen washer is leaking (water dripping into boot when using rear washer and no water coming out of sprayer). It looks like I should be able to access the pipe/sprayer by removing the upper internal trim on the boot but I can't get it...
  9. General Discussion
    Just discovered that there is no indicator light in the car when the washer fluid get low. This is ridiculous. There's a "bell" and a "whistle" for everything but not this? Very frustrating when you're driving down the highway in the winter conditions and all of a sudden nothing comes out of...
  10. General Discussion
    So... I accidentally grabbed a jug of what I thought was washer fluid... Turns out it was used engine coolant. Oops. Was going to drain the washer fluid reservoir and rinse it out. Is there an easy way to do this (say, a drain plug under the reservoir) other than siphoning? Lesson learned. Mark...
  11. General Discussion
    Love the nice spray the washer system provides, and the American pause before the wiper starts wiping. But, mine only wipes once, and leaves a lot of soapy water on the windshield. Is this standard, or do I have a problem?
  12. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hey guys, how do I remove the windshield washer nozzles? I'm trying to take my hood off to plastidip part of it.
  13. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    I noticed a while back that my windshield washer did not work. I assumed it was just out of fluid, but today I got a "Check front left turn signal" DIC message, and sure enough the signal was out. I got some replacement bulbs and a jug of washer fluid, and opened my hood to discover that the...
  14. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    So up until the past few days, the trunk, washer fluid and 12v accessory adapters worked just fine. Now, all at once, without any known reason, they all stopped working. Both 12v stopped working. I have two usb charging devices, one in each and neither now work, but the cable works elsewhere...
  15. General Discussion
    Looking for a new fluid for the spring/summer months. I usually use Rain-X and its fine, just want to see if there's anything amazing out there people love. I'm 1/2 expecting Andrei to respond and tell me that AMSOIL has washer fluid as well and we should all use that =] haha.
  16. General Discussion
    I live in the Chicago area and as you know the temperature today is around -15 F. So today morning I tried to clean my windshield with the windshield washer and nothing came out. I believe it is either frozen or I have run out of it. So I was wondering is there a possibility that the windshield...
  17. Gen1 Service Issues
    So we had a nice cold snap here, went to hit the wiper fluid and the wipers, no dice.. Thought hrm, it may be frozen, or the fluid was low.. Fluid was low, but not empty, topped off the tank, let it sit for a bit an warm up, thinking that if it was frozen that would be the case.. No dice...
  18. General Discussion
    has anyone else come across this problem. the washer fluid leaks all over the hood. only drivers side. not sure if it comes from the nozzel head where it sprays or under the head. its blue so its fluid and not water and i havent used washer fluid lately.
  19. General Discussion
    :question:Have you noticed your CRUZZZE does not alert you when your washer fluid level is low? Or is it just my car... :th_coolio: I'll be rippin' along, say on a slushy wet road...then with out washer fluid...not good....:(
1-19 of 31 Results