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  1. 2015 White Cruze with Plasti Dipped Emblem. My weekend project results! With how to

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Plasti Dipped and removed lettering on my 2015 Cruze. Included a how to and pics. This weekend, I went against my own intuition and took a spray can to my 2 week old Chevy. I wanted to turn the gold on the emblems black as well as remove the "Cruze"and "LT" lettering. I think it turned out...
  2. Touch up paint code for Summit White Cruze

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    So I have a small scratch on the rear side bumper and I see on the car the code u 8624, but on the site there is normal '8624' and 'wa8624' I also notice that everywhere online it says 'Artic white' but my car is summit white. Does anyone know why the different names ? And also the difference...
  3. Summit White LTZ/RS with some tint

    General Discussion
    So I got the cruze tinted, couldn't stand not having tint on it. 15% is whats on it.
  4. WTB 2014 white rear bump.

    Cruze Parts
    Looking for a 2014 cruze rear bumper in white willing to travel up to 3hrs. from me, my location is Martinsburg Wv. 25403. Thanks Lance
  5. Got followed by a white 2015 LTZ

    General Discussion
    Talk about one pissed off looking car. :) On the plus side the DRLs have been moved to the silver trim around the fog lamp bezels which should make HID retrofit kits easier to install. Also, I thought fog lamps were standard on the LTZ with RS package.
  6. Cheap PS - white bottle

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Figured I'd pass this on.. Walmart (in the US) has the the 80oz, 250 gallon, winter power service for $13.33. You have to buy online though.. then you can do store pickup. I think this is really cheap.
  7. Hello from the White House

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    White House, TN that is... I just brought a barely used (3,850 miles) 2014 Cruze 2LT, black with brick/black leather interior. I have rented the Cruze a couple of times before and the ride and comfort were impressive to me for a small car. Just stopping by to say hey.
  8. Sheridan college white mod cruze?

    i go to sheridan college in Brampton and I always see a guy with a white mod cruze pretty cool. who r u?
  9. A New Eco's Greeting from the great white north

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone, so this would be my first time being formally introducing myself to you guys but i've been alot looking for idea's to do to my Cruze, She is a 2011 Eco Auto, got it from a used lot and had to rescue it because it's previous owner had just been a dick towards her , so here i am 4...
  10. 2013 summit white cruze

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Just traded my chevy colorado xtreme crew cab in for the cruze. I use forum like the bible it helps me with everything I hope it'll be the same here get maxed out with questions. What I wanna get is the kicker sub and fog lamps cost will be 1400 out the door at stealer...
  11. FS: 2012 Cruze Eco 6mt, Summit White, NAV, 48k miles.

    Cruze Vehicle Sales
    Located in Auburn, NE Clean, GM Technician owned. 48k miles, mainly highway. Commuted 80 miles per day round trip for 18 months, but have since moved closer to work, and it just sits in the garage. Service regularly at 5k miles with GM filter and Dexos oil, along with tire rotates every 10k...
  12. FS: 2013 2lt summit white cruZe

    Cruze Vehicle Sales
    My name is Jon 636-233-5941 call or text is the best way to get ahold of me Sellin some of my vehicles to lower payments and buy a house. Also have my bike for sale. 2012 R1 As far as my cruZe I ordered the car in December of 2012. I received it feb 1st 2013. I'm simply looking for someone...
  13. 2011 Cruze, 35k miles - white deposits on engine cover

    Gen1 Powertrain
    Hi all, Might not be the right area of the forum, but..... I am thinking of buying a 2011 Cruze with 35k miles. No visual signs of damage, and is in great condition. However opening the bonnet it is clear to see the engine has some sort of white deposit on the engine cover and a couple of...
  14. 2014 Summit White Cruze LT Mods/Add-ons/Interior/Exterior

    Cruze Owner Projects
    I searched through the site trying to find a forum about the White 2014 Cruze, and i couldnt find much in terms of mods; so i started one. I just purchased a Summit White 2014 Cruze LT, and am now planning some mods. I wanted to see what kind of things people have done to this car model and...
  15. White Eco Cruze Build

    Cruze Owner Projects
    Today is my first full day with the Cruze, loving it so far. It is a 2014 White Eco Cruze with the 6 speed manual. As of today it has 99 miles. I have a 1976 BMW that is highly modified which I use for my "fun" car. The Cruze is my daily driver so mods will be considered on a drivability and...
  16. Any interest - New Go Pro White plus accessories?

    I have a brand new, only taken out of the box to check it out Go Pro Hero3 white. I got it for Christmas but don't really have a use for it. It had a bunch of accessories too. All new! Sent from App
  17. Parting out 2013 Cruze WHITE 1.4t ARIZONA

    Buy/Sell Classifieds
    Looking to see if there's any interested in my cruze. I'll be parting out only the parts that don't effect drive ability for now and more later on down the line. Please post in the thread or PM me what you need/want. As I am new to this forum, if there is any rules I broke with this thread...
  18. New bowties from GrafxWerks White on Black

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Ordered these white carbon fiber bowties from Got front and back and I think they look pretty good for being white on black. I like how the white sticks out also. Some pictures: Tell me what you guys think!
  19. Out with the Pink and In with the White !

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Changed my Pink Wheels to White last week. what do you guys think ? word of advise, if you live in a salt climate avoide the LED fog with th e chrome, mine pitted and started to tanish along the top, after only one winter.
  20. 2014 Cruze LTZ RS package... black or white ??

    General Discussion
    always had white cars, thinking of going black this time. Opinions on what looks nicer?