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  1. Cruze Parts
    Hello all, I'm looking for any style of 16" rim that will fit on the Cruze. These will be for my snow tires, as I'm not putting snow tires on my ECO wheels. Don't really care whether if they're steelies, LT or aftermarket. I'm open to all and or even snow tires if you have those for sale! I'm...
  2. Cruze Parts
    As the title says I'm looking for a set of 16" alloy wheels that came on the 1LT stock. Doesn't need to have tires. Lmk what you have and how much you want. :huh:
  3. Gen I
    Scuffed up my hubcap today :( Need one or more replacements. Must be mint and look like this: Willing to pay $12+Label for 1 $20+label for 2 $30+label for 3 or more Thanks Sent from Free App
  4. Cruze Parts
    Hey all am looking at buying some facotry 16" wheels for snow tires. I live in Wisconsin and would be willing to drive and pick up if reasonable distance. Will buy from my dealer but would rather get used from a member. PM me thanks!!
  5. Gen I
    Like the title states i want some wheels to put snow tires on. In the ne PA area. thanks
  6. Gen I
    Looking for a set of the 16" OEM Alloy 5-star wheels/tires. Willing to pickup from reasonable distance from Metro Detroit area. Please send me PM. Thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results