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  1. Cruze Parts
    Send a pm. I have a Canadian address and continental US address.
  2. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hey guys finally had the time to install my new z-spec grille. Tell me what you guys think.
  3. General Discussion
    Hello. I have been meaning to introduce myself here on Cruzetalk but just haven't had the chance. Anyway just got a 2013 LTZ RS in Autumn Metallic. Love the car. But more importantly just received a Z-Spec grille. I work in the parts dept. of a Chevrolet dealership and we dealer traded one of...
  4. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Has anyone seen this, apparently a new feature that I can tell when configuring a Cruze on Doesn't provide a picture, just says (Dealer Installed)
  5. General Discussion
    The Z-Spec sparked my interested eariler today when i saw the thread we have on it found here -> Chevrolet Debuts Cruze Z-Spec Concept I have yet to see interior pictures of the Z-Spec. Curious to know what colors, features, etc they plan on having for the interior, if anyone has pictures...
  6. General Discussion
    Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems GM wants to release a sports model of the all new 2010 Chevy Cruze and their either going to release a Z-Spec or SS model. Both the SS and Z-Spec have a different appearance on the interior and exterior and different features offered in each model. Which...
  7. Chevrolet Cruze News and Reviews
    Chevrolet debuted three new compact cars, as part of its new Z-Spec factory upgrades lineup, with the new Cruze and Volt, as well as the upcoming Spark subcompact rounding out the lineup. While the concepts modifications are cosmetic in nature, the upgrades really elevate the conservative lines...
1-7 of 8 Results