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I just got the muffler deleted on my Cruze LT RS and I enjoy the growling sound it gives but I think I want alittle more! I went into my local exhaust shop and after $36 (YEAH!! $36) I decided to take baby steps! Does anyone know or have an opinion on what the next step would be for alittle more?

-Advantage Tune
-K&N CAI w/ Injen dry filter & pre filter

P.s. I just put the Injen filter on a month ago and was slightly upset that I lost a lot of the whoosh I had with the K&N but after getting the muffler deleted it's back!!

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I really think that you should reroute that Exhaust for side out and completely remove any Baffles . Such as Mufflers ...Go catless too ...of course you will need a Catless down pipe ...and a H or Y Pipe .....

And Of course I truly Love the Title ....Merf is always having a Bad Day so we won't give the Merf any credence Today !
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