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02 sensor codes

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hello i have a 2015 cruze lt 1.4l turbo, no upgrades just 100% oem commuter. I pulled codes p0134(02 sensor no activity detected bank 1 sensor 1) and p0132 (02 sensor high voltage detected bank 1 sensor 1)... I plan on picking up 2 new sensors and replacing them both.

Is there anything else i should check before changing them. Is it a good practice to just replace them both or replace the faulty sensor only. The dealer is selling them to me at $52 a piece, is why im entertaining changing both.

By the way the engine power felt low, thats about the only symptom i noticed.
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A little guy in your engine computer counts the number of O2 sensor switches per minute, if the count is low or none at all, sets an O2 sensor code. Typically not the culprit but the victim, misfire or even water in the fuel can also be the culprit.

Would check your spark plugs first, gap should be at 28 miles and the center electrode insulators have to be white. Water in the tank typically follows a fill up.

Second O2 sensor follows the first, if the first ain't working the secondary one can't work either.
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