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09 Cruze

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Hi All,

I had recently bought a 09 Cruze.

i would like to seek help from the 09 Cruze owners here...

if if I am keen to use a aftermarket double din HU, what should I buy to maintain the display to show aircon fan speed and temp etc...

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Welcome to CruzeTalk. I suspect you're the only 2009 owner here. We have a few 2010s, but the vast majority of the members here are in North America and we didn't get the Cruze until 2011.
Hi, I own 2010 Korean made disesel Cruze and I love it :) Not a single problem so far.

To your question.... I belive it applies to all Cruze vehicles or in fact all that use CANBUS for that matter. Check that your double DIN device comes with CANBUS decoder. If it does then it will for sure show aircon parameter plus other things like parking sensors, etc. I recommend S100 from RoadNav. Works very well and integrates 100% with the car (means all buttons work). Support is also very good.

Hope that helps.
Thank you all for the your inputs.

i am from singapore..which 09 was the first year that cruze was avail in the market.

i had tried to ask the same qns in the local chevy forum..however, it is not as active as this forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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