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1.4L AcDelco Water Pump and Gasket @ Rockauto

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I happened to see an AcDelco Water pump under Water pump gaskets for the 1.4L engine. After sending a PM to Rockauto I obtained the response below.

It appears that the newer PN 251-776 for the 1.4L pump is only shown in the 2015 catalog, but appears to have a metal impeller. Most people know the early Cruzes are covered with an extended warranty on the pump, but for those of us that either have to change it at our expense, or want to change it vs. taking it in, I believe this is a competitive price for the pump and the gasket.

I haven't ordered this. This is from a chat with a Rockauto employee.

RockAuto said:

I checked with ACDelco. The technician said ACDelco 251-779 is the pump plus a water pump "seat" (they are thinking that is a typo but couldn't confirm for sure since the part has been discontinued. However, ACDelco 251-776 replaced that part and includes the pump, seal, and housing.



carbon02 said:
looking in your catalog for 2012 Cruze 1.4L

Under Cooling-->Water Pump Gasket-->

Shows ACDelco 251-779 for something like 101.00 USD. Could you confirm that this is the pump and the gasket? This is good news to Cruze owners, as it's been shown that factory installed pumps have had issues.


Carbon02 QUOTE]
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Isn't the water pump covered for 150k
Isn't the water pump covered for 150k
10 years, 150k miles from 'in service' date.

The newest part number pump comes with gaskets and all bolts…..the bolts are 'torque to yield' type and are one time use so they get exchanged as well as the pump.

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