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1.4L K&N Short Ram Intake

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I've had this for about 2 years, sold the Cruze and no longer have use for it.

Very noticeable throttle response and turbo sound after installing this. I always take very good care of my stuff and cleaned out the filter twice a year.

Price Lowered!
$100 Shipped

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Lowered to $125 Shipped.
Where are you located?
Im in Canada so shipping/border fees may add up if your to far south
I didn't think about shipping to Canada so that would cost extra

I'm in South Dakota though
Last price reduction, I want this gone!

$100 Shipped
i don't want to sound bad....but just got the car and my wife is on my butt for buying stuff....would you go 75 paypal?
Last price reduction, I want this gone!

$100 Shipped

I've sent a message and have $100. If you still have it, message me back. If not, message me back and remove/lock post please.
Is this still available? If it is I will buy it right now
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