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1.4T P3Cars Vent Gauge

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Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum, but have been poking around here and there for a week or so. Thought this might get some traction.

I spoke with JT from P3Cars and he stated that if they can get a pre-order of 20 or more units, they would be willing to start production of their boost gauge kits, both OBDII and Manual options.

Here's the base pricing:
Multi-gauge (OBDII plug-in): $389
Manual boost gauge: $229

This would be considered a group buy, so he will discount 1% per unit order, up to 25 units (up to 25% for an order of 25 or more).

If you're interested, reply to this thread and I will forward to JT once the required traction is met. Thanks guys!!!
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