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1.6 NA with issue.

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My brothers 1.6l aveo is having an issue.

He has run a CAI for years on it and it fell apart a few weeks ago. Symptoms where surging and loss of power. He took the broken CAI and made it into a SRI, while he waits on his new CAI to show up.

This morning it got to the point where using the accelerator pedal did nothing. He could lower the clutch to get going, but when he gave it gas, it didn't do anything.

After taping the outside of the cone filter, it runs fine now. Why?
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All connectors are solid. Nothing loose or broken.

Delivered from my pigeon
Thats super odd,
Pull the connector off and look for any corrosion.
When you pull it off I would put a little dielectric grease in it to keep corrosion at bay
Also check to see if you have a vacuum line or sai disc on the intake. It is sad that you bring up an aveo in a cruze forum...Yes they have them disp but really come on...
He brought his Aveo's problem up here because he knows there are some really smart mechanics here.
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