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1.6L Turbo

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As of April 2013 the Australian Cruze SRi now comes standard with a 1.6L Turbo.
I don't suppose that an admin would want to create a new sub-forum for the 1.6L Turbo?


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Hi friends, I have a 1.6L Turbo 2013 Cruze (SRI-V from Australia) and I think I may have just blown the turbo on it. All the mechanics near me are closed, so I was hoping I could get some guidance from the Cruze Intelligence here.

Around a week ago I started hearing the turbo sucking in air more than I normally would, it sounded like a whining sound. Typically you can barely hear the turbo on these things, but I assumed it was a cracked silicone air pipe maybe and didn't check it right away.

The following day the turbo whine turned into a whistle and then minutes later it started sounding like a siren as it got louder and louder. A few minutes after that power started to disappear randomly, then more frequently, then a rattling sound appeared amongst the whistling... then as I was trying to limp the car over the final hill before my home, POOF a cloud of white smoke through the exhaust and i get barely any power of it.

The car still runs, but idles horribly, but feels like i'm accelerating with 2 cylinders only... barely able to get up to 30mph (60kmph).

It's been parked in the garage since that day and as I wait for mechanics to open again, I am contemplating buying a turbo off eBay, doing the install and then selling this thing.

What I would like to know is:

1) Based on my description, does that sound like a blown turbo or something more?
2) Although I am not a mechanic, I am very comfortable and confident working on my cars... however is there any resource for a turbo replacement on these engines? (1.6L, A16LET)

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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1 - 1 of 462 Posts
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