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This is my best run yet. As the photos show, my DIC is over 4.5% optimistic. The actual hand calculated data is 1,816.0 miles, 37.941 gallons(US), 47.863 Miles Per Gallon. Not much of my driving is city-but I do have some traffic lights & stop signs. I’m not a hypermiler, I just drive with common sense-go the speed limit, don’t race people to the traffic light & stop sign, use the cruise control & air conditioning when useful. About 95% of my driving this car is my daily commute, that’s why my fuel logging is very consistent since new-showing improvements with warmer weather, installing a K & N air filter, using 91 octane fuel, & spark plug re-gap.
As for the effect of the spark plug re-gap, going from the engine plant setting of .025 to the correct setting of .035, this change was done in about the middle of the run. I switched from 87 to 91 octane two months before the plug re-gap, for the A/C season. I will have a precise answer after the next run, but based on the preliminary data, the plug re-gap improved my average fuel economy by 0.8 MPG.
So far, engine is a little smoother upon acceleration too.


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