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1,850 Miles-48.04 Miles Per Gallon

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I was hoping this car would hit the magic 48 MPG actual, and it did. This is my best run yet. As the photos show, my DIC is over 4% optimistic. The actual hand calculated data is 1,850.8 miles, 38.526 gallons(US), 48.040 Miles Per Gallon. Not much of my driving is city-but I do have some traffic lights & stop signs. With cooler weather happening & going back to 87 octane, this number is now dropping. Stay tuned for future results.


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Very nice numbers! Sounds like you're really getting your money's worth out of that car! Eco MT FTW!
My two previous new vehicles got to within 1-2 MPG of the EPA Highway rating. That is all I expected when I bought this Cruze last year. How wrong I was to see how it can consistently beat the EPA Highway rating by 5-15%. Since new & over 21,000 miles, it has averaged 44.37 MPG. Since early April & over 8,800 miles, it has averaged 46.67 MPG-all numbers are actual calculated, not DIC.
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