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My 2013 Chevy Cruze LS 1.8L started doing the same thing after I change the thermostat and thermostat housing.. My car was overheating found out thermostat was stuck shut and the housing was cracked.. Ran great for a few days but it started with the Engine light flash, rough idle, service traction control and stabiliTatlr light came on.. changed spark plugs good again for 3days then it started again same light and everything changed the coil run good for 2days .. but again it started doing it all over a again. This time we noticed that the coil in cylinder 1 was melted a burnt thought it was just a faulty coil pack so replaced it..this time I only back it maybe 30 mine and again but this time it blow a fuse so the car shutdown won't start up... It burnt the coils again so after burning 2 coils I took it to the Garage told me it the PCM I ordered one I installed it myself and then I had it towed to the deal to get programmed.. install them myself due to the fact that it wasn't that hard and a lot cheaper than the dealer would have wanted the dealer told me that it was programmed but wont start due there was a bad connection on the connector on the main computer which is to PCM changed it still won't start.. dealer is a mean of old man won't answer any of questions hangs up on me .... He told me to come get my money and don't call him again so that's how many computers and not programmed I put my old one in my ppl amd if still coming I have no communication with the ECM so if you find the problem can you please post it ..
I have all of the same issues and I have a 2013 Cruze as well. I also was having Overheating issues and just replaced the coolant outlet the hoses the thermostat housing both sensors and the radiator fan. Also had the oil changed. Driving home from the dealership that overcharged me and did diagnostics all of these other issues began. I’m pissed to say the least but do not know how to fix myself and do not want to throw money at the dealership without knowing what needs done to fix the issue or they will bankrupt me…
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