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100,000 miles

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Our west coast trip from Minnesota to Los Angeles for the World Police and Fire Games rolled our little Cruze into the 100,000 mile club. This is the same Cruze made famous when my wife added diesel to the DEF tank. That was over 2 trouble free years ago. We have had an assortment of emissions system warranty work done but always at no cost to us. The mileage has continued to impress us. This screen is a little deceiving since if we had actually driven what it shows as our average speed our mileage would have been better. That is actually a combination of 85 mph and stop and go Los Angeles traffic. Also when your crossing South Dakota why is the wind in your face when your going west and again when you come back east? Just doesn't seem right somehow! What a fun car to drive!
The tech at the Service deck at our dealer keeps saying that the Cruze doesn't require a new timing belt, I guess I'll have to go over his head!
I've been reading about replacing the water pump also when this is done? What might a person expect to pay to have this done to keep our Cruze happy?
Joe O
P.S. I add the DEF now......
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