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$100 Short Ram Air Intake

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I ordered a 2011-2015 1.8L red cold air Intake kit and stainless air filter (included) for $109 (free shipping) from eBay (user: checkpointtuning). I am installing it today after work so I'll take some photos and post them when I can. I had already purchased a K&N cone filter from Autozone so I used that. I didn't have to use the cone air filter that came with the kit and the long tune pipe so I posted it up for sale lol. Below are some photos and a video. Let me know what you guys think!

It won't let me upload the video from my phone :(


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Let us know how it goes, not many kits that aren't mainstream like K&N, AEM, INJEN, ESC... pan out.

Video you may have to use YouTube as attachments here usually accepts pics only. Photobucket lets you post videos but not for long unless you dig deep into your pockets.
I'll test it tomorrow and let you guys know. I'll probably use Tinypic to upload the video tomorrow.
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