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Excellent write-up, diesel. You are a valuable resource on the longevity of these cars. Here's to your next 100k.

The interior and body has remained rattle and squeak free and still feels as tight as it did on the day I bought it.
I wish I could say the same, but I have developed some small rattles, primarily when the front seat shoulder belt adjusters are on the mid-post and the speaker grill on top of the dash (I have the Pioneer system). My 2011 never had a hint of a rattle.

To be fair, however, my Subaru has developed even worse squeaks and rattles since we moved last spring to the PacNW where the roads are so pitted from the thousands of drivers unnecessarily driving with studded tires in the winter that it is like driving on gravel roads. There aren't many cars that could stand up to these pitted roads without developing some rattles.

I just love the way the engine sounds. It very clearly lets you know it’s a diesel from outside the car (I have called it “my little tractor” but the sound is well muted and isolated inside the car.
Agreed! I love the sound of this thing. From the inside it is subtle, yet satisfying, especially when accelerating hard, and quiet as a mouse while cruising (no pun intended). The only down side is that the turbo is very difficult to hear. I wouldn't mind a little more satisfying turbo whistle. Even the 1.4 turbo gasser has a lot more turbo sound than the diesel.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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