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100k Timing Belt Maintenance

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2014 1.8L LS

I’m searching for quotes. I’m looking to get the Timing Belt replaced. What else should I do while it’s there?

Here’s my list so far:
-idler pulley
-water pump
-serpentine (accessory) belt
-camshaft seals? (Recommended?)

I normally do my maintenance but I stopped doing clutches and timing belts years ago.

What do you guys recommend? I’m guessing most shops won’t put in any parts I buy so do you guys know any brands to stay away from? I’m looking at OEM or better.

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I haven’t had issues with daycos or conti’s. I’m certain all of my past TBs have been Conti’s and my past serpentines have been daycos or gators (Goodyear’s, IIRC). I did manage to find a unicorn shop that will do the work with me supplying the parts. A bonus since I know what parts will be on there.

So another question. I’ve replaced serpentine belts plenty of times. I’ve never replaced the tensioner. Has anyone done the tensioner at the same time? I’ve read it’s “recommended,” but I’ve never had an issue with the tensioner.... like ever.

Thanks for the input so far.
The tensioners on the 1.4, at least,fail often. Additionally, there's a bearing/pulley there that can wear out as I've had it in other cars. I'd throw a tensioner on that list as well.

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