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Just hit an interesting (and very promising) milestone today. My EGT sensor failed at 61K-ish miles and I am now just about to turn 162K miles and I realized, I have not needed to replace any emissions components whatsoever since 61K miles. I know that's one of the favorite things to complain about on this forum, but I have said before that when these cars are sorted out properly, they are extremely reliable. I think it's actually amazing I made 100K miles without any emissions/sensor/exhaust component failures. Not to mention I've never had any issues with the engine, transmission, fuel injectors, glow plugs, fuel pumps, turbo... I just want to say to the engineers and all other people responsible for making this car: You did a fantastic job!

**disclaimer - Those who follow my posts will say "What about the manual regens?" Well - no need to replace anything so I am still technically correct in my statement.

Now we will see if I can get to 230K without any further issues - that would be 100K with no emission system issues of any kind. Fingers crossed!
way too go Diesel................ I do believe the diesel does much better as far as repairs needed when mostly highway driven. I still love the diesel but will take something else when doing a short run.
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