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Morning fellas... I am not new to the forum, but I'm making my first post, hoping to get some good feedback. I have an issue I cannot seem to fix. I've read multiple threads on this topic... on this site and elsewhere, tried multiple things and still no result. Here is a "brief" summary.

- Cooling fan runs non-stop (it initially happened summer '16, so since we were running max A/C most of the time anyway, I let it slide)
- Cooler months roll in, we don't need max A/C and fan is still running of course, so I start snooping around on how to stop it. First thing I notice, coolant is a tad low, so I top it off and fan stops! Hooray!!! But not so fast...
- Wife says that when she sits idle, the car relays a message that the engine is starting to run hot
- I go back to the car, turn on max a/c, and fan will not kick on.
- I replace temperature sensor, which seemed to be a common issue... fan still will not kick on.
- I replace the cooling fan... and like magic, the fan works again!!! But not so fast...
- The fan will not turn off, again.

It is a vicious circle and I have no clue what to try now. Please help!
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