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P0171 - Fuel Trim System Lean
P0106 - MAP Sensor out of normal range
P0156 - not listed
P0299 - Engine underboost
P1101 - Intake air flow system performance (airflow does not match calculated)
P2270 - o2 Sensor #2 stuck lean
C0800 - Control Module power (an additional code says what's wrong.)
C0186 - Lateral acceleration sensor invalid /not plausible
C0196 - Yaw rate signal Malfunction/not plausible

None of these is going to leave you with a dead battery. (But power problems could leave with a bunch of odd codes.)

In the old days, batteries at the end of their life would die overnight, but be fine once started for a day's errands. But I've had a few "Die Weirds" - they'd be fine overnight, but could leave you stranded stopping for a ATM. Just a bit of charging would bring them back to life.

Depending on how it was tested, it may test OK. My bet is on the battery.

But if you really want to be sure, carry a voltmeter in the car. Nothing fancy, just able to read 12V. Next time the car dies, measure the voltage right on the battery post. Not the clamps, the post. If less than 12V - replace battery. If you're seeing 12V - figure out where it's disappearing.
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