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Bought a 2013 with the 1.8 liter on January 18th of this year with 142,000 miles. I had to replace the coil pack on it early on, and now I'm having an issue with the vehicle idling rough on startup, or stalling, and sometimes, though rarely, it revs way up and won't idle down. Gave me stability track and traction control errors as well as air fuel mixture and injector codes. Just in case it matters, the tranny fluid got low in it once, not sure if this contributes to any false positives code-wise. Changed knock sensor, no joy. Been driving it the way it is for months and last night my buddy, (who's ears are worse than mine), said he heard something while we were going down the road. We found the purge valve to be making a pretty loud ticking noise and felt it vibrate like crazy while ticking. Anybody feel confident that replacing the sensor will remedy my situation before I replace it and still have to spend hundreds of dollars on a mass air flow sensor and all those other goodies that make up the wonderful, computer run, air/fuel mixture playing process of elimination before getting to a solution?
By the way, sorry about the book, new here and wanted you guys be armed with all the information I could give you.
Thank you in advance for any help you all can be.
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