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'14 Cruze Alarm trouble

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2014 Holden Cruze SRi here in Aus, and I've had 2 break-ins recently where the alarm didn't go off for either.

The car was locked on both occasions, with the red light on the dash lit up when the 'alarm' is activated.

The first time the doors and boot were left open after the break in, and the second time, the window was smashed and the rear door was opened to gain access to the vehicle.

Both times the alarm did not go off. Now i'm almost 100% certain that if the doors are locked from the remote, and the light is on on the dash, if there doors are opened without disabling the 'alarm' then the horn should sound, and the lights should flash. I'm pretty sure i tried this a while back, and that was the case, however recently it has not been the case.

Can someone shed some light on this before i go and chat to Holden?

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I've only heard my alarm go off once on my 2014 SRI Z but not for a break in. Hopefully this is not a common fault. Unfortunately not good for you. I guess the alarm is tripped when the interior light comes on when the door switch is made. I would check they are working ok. Do you get door open alarms on your dashboard? No doubt Holden will not have experienced this and it might be just luck if you go to a dealer who has.
I had my 2014 broken into while armed and also no alarm. I'm guessing they used either the tennis ball trick or had some other way to open the door. My daughter woke up to a clicking type noise and thought nothing of it and the next morning both my Grand Caravan and my Cruze were open with the doors barely closed, enough to turn the lights off but open and I know both were armed.

I decided to have a Python alarm added with interior sensors. If the burglars did not cause the vehicle to move the factory alarm has no clue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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