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14 Cruze coolant leak stalling

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Hello all, first I want to say I have strictly come here to thank all of you for the help this forum has given me over the last couple of months. My wife bought a 2014 chevy Cruz with 40,000 miles on it almost a year ago. It was a great car until recently. (Last couple of months). Started off running hot one evening with message on dash "turn engine off to high Engine temp". Looked under hood and coolant tank was empty... so I began to do research which then introduced me to this forum.

I brought the car to a local mechanic thinking I would get a call back with hopefully just the water pump needing to be replaced. Boy was I wrong... he told me I had a bad battery, a broken coil, a leaking water pump, and needed a carbon flush. I denied all service and fixed everything except the water pump. Why? Bc there was absolutely no leak coming from it. A couple of days passed, and then it started to stall out And rough idle at start up. I then noticed a sweet smell coming from the excaust and immediately thought head gasket or cracked head... after compression test and leak down test, I was showing 185 210 210 210 on cylinders 1 2 3 4. That drew a red flag for me. So I bit the bullet, went ahead and brought it into the dealership. At this time, I was unaware of the power train warranty. (Which ended up saving my life). The same day I drop it off I hear the water outlet has a leak and they would be replacing it. They tried to tell me this was out of warranty, which once again, thanks to this forum and a gentleman named rob, I was able to tell them that was not true. I called them right back and demanded to speak with the GM. He further explained to me this was a mixup and the outlet was indeed under warranty.

At this point I was slightly relieved to know where my coolant was going. But then again I knew they'd find something else. They called me back and told me they ran compression test and everything checked out okay, I once again proceeded to ask to speak to the GM because I knew this was bologna. I told him I knew it was losing compression and told them I wanted printed results of it. Well about 20 minutes later they called me back and told me that were replacing the intake manifold.

Bottom line is, always stand your ground and be cautous when dealing with the dealership. Not saying they're all out to get you, but just have your own back. I'm hoping once I get it out the shop in a few days it runs like it did when I purchased it, because My wife and I loved it at first.

Thanks again for all the help provided by so many of you. I hope this post may help someone like me in the future.
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Glad that we - and the dealer - were able to help you out.

One caveat intake manifold wouldn't cause low compression on one cylinder.
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