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'14 Cruze

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LS 1.8L Manual with 75000 2nd owner
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Welcome! Excited to see another 1.8 manual! Got any pics?

Safe Travels,
Welcome to the Cruze family! Nice to have you here. There is a ton of information about our platform with supporting vendors who can get you where you want to go. Feel free to reach out if any questions appear!
Welcome! I just picked up a 2014 LT. Hate to say mine's an automatic I had a 2012 Eco 6M and a 2011 LS 6 M. Family hated me since they couldn't drive a 6M so I found my LT auto for them also.
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Welcome to the community!
Curious what the 1.8 guys are getting for mpg. Haven't seen to much on that and haven't seen any of them on ecomodder to see if they are able to be hypermiled easily. Hope to see updates on how you like the car and if it takes care of your wallet anywhere near as well as my 1.4 eco. Last 3 tanks 49.64 mpg
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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