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Believe me I won't mess with it and not worth the $ to fix! I know when thing are too difficult/expensive for my anality of fixing things. I just saw it and knew it was broken and didn't know if it was a simple fix? This may be reason enough to buy new style headlights/mod tho Like above?


Like this guy last night in a shell station: I went in and considering buying some cigarettes (even tho I quit 10 years ago) and he had some heart problems/etc from smoking and it was enough for me to say no really don't want that again! Its the little things!

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My passenger side is broke, noticed it a few months ago. Apparently this was a recall item in Canada but not in 'Merica for some reason: Canada Recall

I looked at the replacement ones on Amazon and Rock Auto. The sub-$100 ones are aftermarket and I would not expect will hold up as long as factory. There is a lot of talk online about the "certified" NSF and CAPA body parts still not being as good as OEM and just overall a scam. The GM ones are $150 a piece. I don't know if $50 is worth getting an inferior part.

I think I'm going to try and fix it by pulling it out and fishing the end of the diffuser out of the hole then putting some JB Weld on it and holding it back in place. If that doesn't fix it then I'll buy two of the GM ones and sell the old ones on eBay for $50 or something. I know not everyone else is anal about it being broken as I am.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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