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14LS radio upgrade, have donor car 14 1LT RS

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Hey guys,
Recently purchased a 2014 Cruze LS project car. Car was wrecked, bought cheap and fixed it. However I have had intention of adding a back up camera and the OEM touch screen radio. I have a donor car with everything there.
I installed the trunk wiring harness and the back up camera, as it was all there. The plug plugged right into my new car and all the wires were there on the chassis side of the trunk harness (9 wires I believe) so it seems the LS has wiring to the trunk for the reverse camera option.
I have started the radio swap and noticed the LS does not have all the wires for the radio.
Is it a pain in the back side to swap wires out from the donor to accommodate the new radio? I seen there’s a couple threads that say something about buying a wiring harness that can integrate it for like $300. But with the wiring in my donor car I’d rather try that first.

On another note. The donor car has remote start. I am wondering what I have to do to put that In my LS as Wisconsin winters are brutal!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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