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15% cash rebate on select 2015 models

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Chevrolet just announced 15% cash rebates (of MSRP) on new 2015 Cruze models (except L) in stock the longest i.e. the oldest 10% of inventory as of 4/1/15.

This would be equal to at least $3,614 on a 2015 2LT, for example, but can't be used in conjunction with most other offers.

15% rebate also applies to select Impala, Malibu, Equinox and Traverse models in stock the longest.
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I've always considered 15% off of MSRP (OTD) as a good starting negotiation price.
15% is just the rebate. Discounts from the dealer would be a separate discussion/negotiation.

The current non-old stock rebate on 2015 Cruzes is $2,000 (may vary by region) so 15% could be notably better especially on higher sticker price models e.g. a $28K LTZ would have a $4,200 rebate.
Hmmm - it is awfully early in the year to start offering such a large rebate. I keep hearing that GM reduces incentives every year because they don't need to bribe customers with a discount. But I'm not seeing that...
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