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15 ctd CEL P21DD

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Well add me to the list of emission issues. 44500 miles. P21DD assume that is the DEF tank heater issue. My DEF level is 18%. Kinda sucks, have to travel to Chicago on Monday, guess I will drive a rental car. Think they want to do the recall of the recall whatever that is.
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I had a code, pretty sure it was the P21DD. Mine was for the failed DEF Tank heater and they replaced it under warranty. A while after they also did the recall when it was in the dealership after I got into a crash with it. During its stay, they did the nox position 1 sensor, or which ever one is on the recall. Did the software too (which is now being recalled due to issues, which I never experienced.) I'm heading in Monday next week to get the revised software. My regeneration cycles seem to have been going fine and no further emissions issues since then. At the same time of the sensor recall, they replaced the EGR valve as it was sticking and causing a no-start situation.
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