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Diesel, great write up. I'm closing in on the 100000 mile mark myself. 98000. I'm hoping to have the same luck as you have.
I did see you had to take it to the dealer for a manual regen. Did I read this right, 250.00 to do this? SMH..I drive a semi and they all have factory switch's to do a manual regen. They switch will only work if it calls for a regen. Seems to me that's a high cost for a safety feature. My I ask what does the dealer do for a manual regen?
The reason I'm asking is because my semi , if I do a manual regen just goes into a high idle mode for a set period then finishes . if that is all the dealer does is over ride the computer to do this that is a rip off.
I understand not letting the customer being able to do this because someone will park it in a garage and do a regen but 250.00, should be one a set period per year at no cost. Well my rant is over on this.
Again great write up again, I'll give one on my 100000 mile mark. Hope to see one at 200000 from you.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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